Tbilisi 2018 – review and preview

The ninth Conference «The Soul of Europe» took place from July 9 to 12, 2018 in Tbilisi, Georgia
European Values and Georgian Culture

Some 80 participants from Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Romania, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Great Britain gathered in the centre of Tbilisi for the conference “The Soul of Europe”, accompanied by beautiful weather and a perfect organization. Talks, conversation groups and artistic activities turned to the question: What is Europe? is it a geographical concept? or a cultural-spiritual ideal? Such questions can arise in a country which, according to traditional geography, does not belong to Europe but has contributed already in “prehistoric time” to the development of European culture and was imbued by Christianity earlier than all European countries. On the page “The Soul of Europa – 2005 to 2018” you will find a short report about the content of the talks. On one evening a group of young actors performed Goethe’s Faust in Georgian under the direction of Valerian Gorgoshidze – the powerful Georgian language, the inventive direction and the full devotion of the young folk made a deep impression. On the following evening another group of six young people performed Georgian folk songs from different areas of the country. In addition to the conference excursions were offered to see the old city of Tbilisi, to Mtskheta and to three other significant historic buildings: Samthavisi, Atenis Sioni and Uplisziche.

After nine stages of the conference “The Soul of Europe” from Amsterdam via Budapest, Prag, Danzig, Varna at the Black Sea, Simeria in Romania, Lahti in Finland, Kiev and Tbilisi the initiative goes to the Netherlands and Belgium: The next conference takes place from August, 23-25, 2019 in Brussels. In due time you will find the programme and the application form on these pages. For the following conference friends envisaged July, 9-12, 2020 in Yekaterinburg.