What could the people of Ukraine contribute
to the development of Europe?
August 25th to 28th, 2017

The next conference ‚The Soul of Europe‘ will take place in Kiev, Ukraine. It is the eighth in a series of conferences which began in 2005 in the Netherlands and went through the East Mid-European countries Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Rumania and came to Finland in the summer of 2016.

We invite you to the next conference on the theme ‚The Soul of Europe‘ in Kiev, Ukraine at the end of August 2017. In the past three years Ukraine became one of the focus points in Europe: How do the people of Europe look at Ukraine? How does Europe react to the wish of the Ukrainian people to belong to Europe? And what can Ukraine contribute to Europe? Ukraine is important for the question how Europe will develop further after the new wave of West-East tensions, after the insecurities of uncontrolled immigration and Brexit.The aim of the conference is to consider these questions under the assumption that only an individual and mutual understanding of people from different parts of Europe can contribute to peaceful and fruitful developments.

Kiev is at the same time the first cultural and Christian center of East Europe and of most recent historical events with long lasting consequences. The conference will take place on the premises of the Lavra, the monastery which originated in the 11th century and in the city Kiev where the Maidan events can be seen as the beginning of a new epoch of Ukraine. The conference begins on Friday, August 25 late afternoon and ends on Monday, August 28 at noon. Before and after the conference there will be offered pre- and postprogram excursions.

By the end of February 2017 the program with the application form will be available on the webpage.


Looking very much forward to meeting you in Kiev
with best regards

Narine Maltzeva on behalf of the organizers in Kiev
Gerald Häfner on behalf of the Section of Social Sciences at the Goetheanum