The next conference ‘The Soul of Europe’
will take place in Tbilissi, Georgia
from July 9 to 12, 2018
European Values and Georgian Culture

After the eight conferences ‘The Soul of Europe’, which began in Amsterdam and moved through Budapest, Prague, Danzig, Varna at the Black Sea, Simeria in Romania, Lahti in Finland and Kiev, Tbilissi in Georgia will be the host of the ninth conference. What is Europe? Is it a geographical concept? Or a cultural-spiritual ideal? Such questions can arise in a country which, according to traditional geography, does not belong to Europe but has contributed already in “prehistoric time” to the development of European culture and was imbued by Christianity earlier than all European countries.

Our friends in Georgia invite everybody interested to this conference. They are looking forward to welcoming many friends from many countries. The conference starts on Monday, July 9 in the afternoon and closes on Thursday July 12 at noon. Before and after these days the program offers excursions to get to know parts of Georgia. You will find the full program including the application form on the following pages. Please, have a look also at the article about the history and the aims of the conferences “The Soul of Europe”.

On behalf of the Section for Social Sciences at the Goetheanum
and the Anthroposophical Society in Georgia
Gerald Häfner, Nodar Belkania