The Soul of Europe 2019

Facing Europe’s challenges:
Balancing diversity, solidarity and unity

23. – 25. august 2019 / Résidence Palace Brussels (B)

After nine series of ‘The Soul of Europe’ conference, which began in Amsterdam and moved through Budapest, Prague, Gdansk, Varna at the Black Sea, Simeria in Romania, Lahti in Finland, Kiev, and Tbilissi in Georgia, Brussels will be the host of the tenth conference.

Taking place in the political heart of Europe, the main objective of this Soul of Europe conference is to exchange views and ideas on the important challenges which Europe – and in particular the European Union (EU)– is facing, and to undertake a common visioning on the mission and future of Europe.

In light of the course of events over the last decade, it seems that the future of Europe and the EU has never been so much at the centre of people’s attention and forefront of political debate as today. Overwhelmed by recurring economic crises, the influx of refugees, terrorism, strengthened national self-interest and shifting political landscapes, Europe finds itself amidst a number of unprecedented social challenges. Efforts of the European Union to build ‘an ever closer union’ based on solidarity among its Member States and the motto to stand ‘united in diversity’, are seriously challenged. In the face of these events, the call for social renewal based on the threefolding ideas set out by Rudolf Steiner a hundred years ago, seems more relevant than ever!

Further informations on the program and admission will be provided by end of March on the website:

On behalf of the preparation group,
Elly Beeren, Willem-Jan Beeren, Simone Cuomo, Mario Damen, Kees Lam