July 8 – 10 am to approx. 19 pm. Full-day excursion to Nizhny Tagil, important industrial center of the Urals. There are several museums showing industrial developments, crafts and handiwork since the foundation of the town in 1701.
Costs: 17 EUR

July 9 ─ 10 am to approx. 2 pm. Walk to the historical center of Yekaterinburg followed by a visit to the Museum of Stone-Cutting and Jewelry Art History. The Urals have a famous tradition of stone-cutting. There is no palace in Saint Petersburg or Moscow without precious gemstones from the Urals. The museum shows gold, silver and malachite artifacts, collections of gemstones and minerals, pieces of jasper, quartz crystals, agate, topaz, rhodonite and many other exhibits from manufactories, which were found in Yekaterinburg in the second half of the 19th century.
Costs: 7 EUR

July 12 – 2 am to approx. 6 pm. Visit of the Nevyansk Icon Museum
The summit of Icon art practiced by the old believers in the mining area of the Urals started in the middle of the 17th century. Clarity of colour, silver gilding and rich details belong to the distinctive characteristics of the Nevyansk School. The icon painters of Nevyansk did not copy the old Russian icons but developed their own creative style. The masters used mineral colours. They lay gold foils on red-brown colours which gave particular warmth to the icons. The blue, green and red nuances in combination with gold attract the gaze. Gold is always in harmony with these colous. It is the symbol of Christ, of divine light, of the sun, of pure thoughts, of the victorious glow of the Good.
Costs: 7 EUR

July 13, 10 am to approx. 7 pm. Full-day excursion to the «Oleni Ruchi Natural Park». Some 100 km South-West of Yekaterinburg this favourite national park of 50 square miles is situated in the transition space between two types of landscape, the mountainous taiga and the forest steppe. Walking tracks, rock at the slope of the river Sergi, karst caves, sculptures along the paths, little lakes ─ all in all a wonderful experience of landscape.
Costs: 15 EUR