Eurythmy during the Conference in Yekaterinburg

Eurythmy will be an essential part of the conference «The Soul of Europe». Every morning the eurythmists from Sankt Petersburg will perform the Foundation Stone Meditation in German or in Russian. On Friday evening another group of eurythmists coming from various cities in Russia will present their great «Kitezh» project. In addition, we will have the opportunity to join two afternoon artistic groups and do eurythmy together.

«Kitezh ─ A Path to Self-Knowledge»

The eurythmy and drama performance is based on the Russian legend of the invisible city of Kitezh. The legend tells about events from the 13th century when the Mongol invasion overwhelmed Russia. The wonderful city of Kitezh submerged as an image of the future development of Russia into the depth of Lake Svetloyar, in order to avoid being desecrated.
The scenario of the performance «Kitezh ─ a Path of Self-Knowledge» is the fruit of intense research in spiritual science by the eurythmists. We lived with the question: how can we work in such a way that phantasy does not transform into speculative fiction? How can we express spiritual experiences and the spiritual tasks of our time in modern art?
Our performance is a kind of answer to these questions. To know the repetitions and changes of the past in the present is important. In a certain way the performance reflects also the experiences we had in working with the Mystery Dramas of Rudolf Steiner. We wanted to show the path of those involved in the Kitezh legend to the «Cosmic Midnight Hour». They receive new abilities there and envisage new tasks for their further earthly live. The battles fought in the 13th century on the physical level have to be fought today in the innermost soul of everyone. The aim of our work is to see and to acknowledge this and then to express it in the arts. This effort implies close collaboration between eurythmy and drama. New music has been composed especially for this performance.
Olga Rosanova

The Foundation Stone Meditation

The «Eurythmy Theater Studio» of Sankt Petersburg has worked already for 18 years on eurythmy projects. The «Foundation Stone Meditation» is one of these. The meditation itself was given by Rudolf Steiner in connection with the newly formed Anthroposophical Society at the Christmas Meeting 1923/1924. A few weeks later he gave also eurythmy forms to it. The five eurythmists of the «Eurythmy Theater Studio» have worked for years in cooperation with Angela Locher, a leading eurythmist from Dornach, in German as well as in Russian, for the preparation of the performance. Connected to this was also the effort to understand more and more the peculiarities of eurythmy in the Russian language, a field in which Marie Savitch had already worked back in the lifetime of Rudolf Steiner. ─ The Meditation will be shown every day during our conference.
Olga Gerasimova on behalf of the «Eurythmy Theater Studio» Sankt Petersburg

Artistic groups on Friday and Saturday 3 to 4.30 pm

Will ─ Feeling ─ Thinking in the Foundation Stone Meditation

In our group we will try to understand how will, feeling and thinking find expression in eurythmy and particularly in the eurythmic forms of the Foundation Stone Meditation. We will look at gestures and forms characteristic for these soul forces and try to move in these forms, given by Rudolf Steiner.
Responsible: Olga Gerasimova with Yekaterina Abrosimova, Svetlana Artamoshina and Natalija Makarova
Languages: German and Russian
Please, bring along your eurythmy shoes and the text of the Foundation Stone Meditation.

The fairy tales of Frau Balde in the Mystery Dramas by Rudolf Steiner

In the course of our work we will get to know the fairy tales told by Frau Balde in Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas. We will look at the imaginative language of fairy tales and legends, helping us to understand the divine truths hidden in them. We will look at the sequence of motifs and the mutual relationship between their characters, at the eurythmic gestures of the soul temperaments and their meaning for understanding thinking, feeling and will. With some practical exercises of eurythmy forms given by Rudolf Steiner for the fairy tales we will try to experience the qualities of the soul forces.
Responsible: Elena Rynkova (Tomsk, Russia)
Languages: German and Russian
Please, bring along your eurythmy shoes.